Sundays in the Kitchen

So, “Steph’s Apron.” Why this blog? And what can you expect?

As 2012 began, I found myself reflecting on 2011 and a curious pattern emerged:

  • My DVR became dominated by shows such as Chopped, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and Top Chef
  • I added two new food centric magazines to my list of monthly subscriptions: The Food Network Magazine and Cuisine at Home
  • I received a 9 cup Cuisinart Food Processor, Mandolin Slicer and 3 cookbooks for Christmas
  • I purchased a Julienne peeler, egg slicer, and garlic press as new kitchen “toys” on a random trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • I inherited 15 hand me down cookbooks from my Mom
  • My bedtime reading shifted from historical fiction novels to the aforementioned cookbooks and food magazines
  • I wrote down my favorite recipes housed in Word Documents and emails on actual recipe cards and organized them in a recipe box (also a Christmas gift)
  • I found myself spending many weekend afternoons in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, such as Greek Dolmadakia, as pictured below:

Greek Dolmadakia

I have always loved to cook. I have a savory palate, and I prefer salty to sweet. I can resist cookies, cake, and candy, but a warm basket of homemade tortilla chips accompanied by fresh guacamole? You’d be lucky if I shared. It wasn’t until I completed grad school (or in other words, pursuing two Master’s degrees simultaneously while working three jobs and an internship) and moved into the Real World that I had the time (and money) to pursue my passion of cooking. I decided that 2012 is the time to “step it up,” so to speak, and I decided to take my love of cooking to the blogosphere with the intention of sharing my kitchen concoctions with other foodies and to learn from other food bloggers as well.

What can you expect from this blog? Three simple words: Light, Fresh, and Flavorful. The recipes on this blog will be my own inventions as well as adaptations to beloved family and published recipes (I’ll give credit where credit is due, of course). Savory dishes will hog the spotlight; baked goods will only make the occasional cameo appearance. The recipes will be light on oil, butter…and…well…gluten, meat, and dairy, too. Twist!

I have a gluten sensitivity, and I generally limit my dairy intake to Greek yogurt and the occasional bit of cheese (my weaknesses in particular are Pecorino-Romano, Buffalo Mozzarella, and Feta). The only animals I eat are seafood, turkey, and chicken in limited amounts…zilch cow, lamb, and pig. For you meat lover’s out there, well, you’re a bit out of luck. The recipes on this blog will be vegetarian and vegan influenced, with a gluten-free twist.

There will be flavor, I promise.

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