Gluten-Free Favorites

There has been a lot of Gluten awareness in recent years, which has led to an explosion of Gluten-Free products. I’ll try (pretty much) anything once, and the products below knocked it out of the park with my taste buds and stomach:

Lara Bars: My new grab-and-go snack obsession.
These all natural gluten-free (as well as soy free, dairy free, and vegan) bars are made from unsweetened fruits as well as nuts and spices. Each bar contains no more than 9 ingredients, not to mention no preservatives or added sugar. The flavors are stunning. The Peanut Butter and Jelly bar tastes like I am biting into a PB&J sandwich. No joke. My second favorite? Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte. The bars are soft and perfect as an afternoon snack or fuel on long run or bike ride.

Oskri Organics Fruit Bars: TJMaxx always surprises me–in good ways.
I stumbled upon a box of Oskri Organics’ Gluten-Free Fig Dark Chocolate Bar while perusing the snack shelf next to the checkout line. I have never heard of this brand, and for less than $4 a box, figured why not give it a go? I’m happy I did–this bar is truly fantastic. It’s like eating the inside of a fig newton infused subtly with dark chocolate. In addition to being gluten-free, the bars contain 2 ingrediets: Figs (80%) and Dark Chocolate (20%). That’s it, no preservatives or added sugars.

Rustic Crust: Move over Boboli, there is a new crust in town.
Rustic Crust sells 8″ crusts, Boboli style, in the Gluten-Free or organic aisles of many supermarkets. Although the cooking directions say to top the crusts and bake immediately, I found that baking the crusts first for 5-7 minutes, THEN adding the toppings, resulted in a better, crunchier pizza.

What is your Gluten-Free favorite? Send me a tweet @StephsApron or email me stephs [dot] apron [at] gmail [dot] com.


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