Gluten-Free Challenge

Half the fun of cooking is trying something new or experimenting with previously mastered recipes. My Kitchen Quest is to transform any recipe into a delicious, gluten-free version and report my adventures (or mis-adventures) on Steph’s Apron.

Gluten-Free Challenges

1. Chicken Fingers
You know those chicken fingers you get at a bar that are just oh so hot and crunchy? Try my zesty, Gluten-Free version and see which you prefer on game night.

2. Pizza
Hot, ooey gooey goodness, with a crunchy, flavorful crust. Although, my kind of pizza is more about the toppings than the cheese. I channeled light, fresh, and Italian flavors to make the Best Gluten-Free Pizza in Creation.

If you have a recipe you want to see adapted for gluten-free consumption, I invite you to leave a comment on this page, send me a tweet @StephsApron, or email me at stephs [dot] apron [at] gmail [dot] com.


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